In retail operations, a large array of different products need to be on offer and available every day.


This places great demands on existing storage space and timely arrival of additional supplies. Seasonal must-haves on top of core products complicate the issue even further.


Shipping containers can be used as interim or permanent, cold or warm storage space. The containers can be placed on the legs at loading bay level, on the ground or standing on the legs.


The products are readily available straight from the containers, eliminating the need for interim loadings / unloadings. Replacing empty containers with full ones is easy.

Solution benefits:


  • Optimizes the use of storage space
  • Ensures sufficient quantities of campaign or seasonal products
  • Using reefers provides instant additional cold storage space


K-Citymarket Järvenpää, Finland

The Best Grocery Store in the World 2019 uses reefer containers and ConFoot container legs to balance the flow of refrigerated products.

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Petit Forestier


Marché Marseille Méditerranée



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