Lifting / lowering model


The CFU model enables the user to lift the container from the trailer and lower it down to the ground, and lift back up again. Utilizing manually operated bottle jacks incorporated into the leg structure, no additional container handling methods are required. The container can also be left on the legs for as long as is needed.

  • Capable of supporting up to 20 tons
  • Consists of several pieces, individual piece weight under 25 kg. Individual leg weight 46 kg
  • Range of adjustment 0 mm to 1 500 mm
  • Patented design and CE marked



Capacity – 20t

Range of adjustment – 0-1,500mm

Individual leg weight – 46kg (consists of several pieces, individual piece weight under 25kg)

Operational temperature – -20 +40°C

Number of legs in set – 4

Warranty – 2 years

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