ConFoot products has been assessed in a detailed risk evaluation


Our products have been assessed in a detailed risk evaluation. Possible risks have been investigated and eliminated by our engineering, production, user instructions, maintenance and inspection of the product.

Attention has been paid to production- and manufacturing methods to ensure a high and consistent quality of the product. The risks from external influences have been assessed in the design and production of the ConFoot-legs.


ConFoot Ltd has implemented a documented strength calculation applying guidelines of standards SFS-EN 1993-1-1, SFS-EN 1993-1-8 and SFS-EN 1494.

CF Confirmation of strength calculation

CFP Confirmation of strength calculation

CFU Confirmation of strength calculation



ConFoot-legs have been tested with a detailed testing plan, CF EN 283 (ISO 12100:2010), that includes both static and dynamic tests and measurements. The product have been tested with a safety margin above maximum allowed load, and observing other relevant safety regulations.


Wind action analysis

ConFoot Ltd has implemented a documented wind action analysis following the guidelines of standard EN 1991-1-4:2005+A1 Eurocode 1: Actions and structures – Part 1-4 :General actions – Wind actions.

Confirmation of wind action analysis (empty container)

Wind action calculation report (factoring in the weight of the loaded container)


Risk assessment

ConFoot Ltd has implemented a documented risk assessment required by the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council 2006/42/EC on machinery and the Finnish degree 400/2008 on safety of machinery.

CF, CFP, CFL, CFU Confirmation of risk assessment


CE certification and Declarations of Conformity

CFU CE certification

CF, CFP, CFL Declarations of Conformity


Instructions for use

Detailed instructions for use have been designed for the ConFoot-legs. Employers have the responsibility to familiarize employees with the instructions for use. Specific ways in which the legs should be used, maintained and inspected are explained. Also the conditions in which ConFoot-legs can be used and other limitations are specified.

CF, CFP, CFL Instructions

CFU Instructions



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