Solution for loading bay use

CFP Set 

  • Custom made for loading dock use
  • Can be placed square against a loading bay
  • Container doors can be folded fully back
  • Only 24 kilograms per unit
  • Rang of adjustment 1 043 mm to 1 448 mm
  • Patented design
  • Only 1 person required for operation

Featuring 2x CFP leg & 2x CF leg

ConFoot CFP legs can be used to place a shipping container at a loading bay. This allows the truck driver to complete more deliveries in one day. Also, the warehouse manager does not need to pay the driver to wait, nor waste money on costly container handling equipment rentals.

With all ConFoot-legs it is possible to load or unload the container with a forklift. 


  • The container is left standing on the ConFoot-legs at the loading/unloading site, where it can remain for as long as needed
  • No need to leave the chassis under the container
  • No need for expensive sideloader
  • First in last out, from production to use
  • Intermediate loading s eliminated
  • This is the need for which the ConFoot-leg is developed


Use cases in reefer containersretail businessindustry and many more.

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