K-CityMarket Järvenpää

The Best Grocery Store in the World 2019 uses reefer containers and ConFoot container legs to balance the flow of refrigerated products


K-CityMarket Järvenpää has won the IGD Award Store of the Year 2019. The keys to the victory were focusing on customers and innovatiness.

The store owner Markku Hautala:

Continuous development of the store is very important to me. I want to learn and discover new things, surpass myself and provide positive surprises for my customers. We are all the time trying out new approaches and implementing improvement projects.

We have invested a lot of time and effort in developing the store, and are passionately involved in every detail of store operation.’

One example of the ongoing development projects is the investment in a new dairy section, allowing the expansion of the range of products on offer.

As the sales volume and the number of items available grows, the use of reefer containers enables efficient control of the product flow, and allows the staff to restock the shelves when it is most convenient.

Reefers are also used for temporary storage of seasonal and campaign products, maximizing customer satisfaction as the product lines in high demand don’t run out of stock.

With ConFoot container legs the reefer is on the loading bay height, allowing for the container doors to be fully opened and enabling easy access to the container.

The use of reefers is easy and flexible, and e.g. pallet trucks can be used within the container.

When necessary, the truck driver can single handedly move the container using the air suspension and dump valve of the truck’s trailer for lifting and lowering.

A small investment has made a big difference.

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