Sale and rental of reefer containers

Flexible additional storage space for efficient product flow management

A reefer container placed on ConFoot® container legs at the loading bay provides flexible additional storage space for efficient product flow management.

Reefers can be put to a variety of end uses:

reefer container
reefer container in a loading bay
  • Shopping centers / department stores – reefers on ConFoot® legs are used to buffer the inflow of delivered products and augment the capacity of temperature controlled warehousing.
  • Catering – mobile storage space for fresh produce, fish and seafood.
  • Food industry – additional cold storage space for fresh and frozen meat to meet seasonal peak demand, flexible storage space for breweries and distilleries, extra space for maturing and production.
  • Chemical industry – optimal storage temperatures guaranteed as required for individual product groups, e.g. adhesives, colourings and various chemicals.
  • Events and festivals – ideal mobile storage space solutions as needed from hot meals to cold drinks.
  • Pharmaceutical industry – controlled and stable storage environment as and where needed.
  • Restaurants – additional hygienuc cold storage for seasonal peak demand, and for guaranteeing continued operations during restaurant / kitchen renovations and repairs.
  • Bio waste – reefers can be transported and placed on ConFoot legs at the client’s loading bay with no additional container handling equipment needed.


ConFoot designs and manufactures patented, detachable shipping container legs that require only one person for operation.
With each leg weighing under 25 kilos, ConFoot container legs are lightweight, low-cost and have  a long lifespan.
ConFoot container legs are the only portable container handling solution in the world.

reefer container on a loading bay