Storage solutions for retail sector

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented surge in demand worldwide, and we are all very familiar with the sight of empty shelves surrounding us in our local stores. Grocery stores are in many countries the only establishments still open for customers, and they provide a vital service for everyone in our societies.

Reefer container at loading bay
Photo courtesy of Suomen Vuokrakontti Oy

The situation with empty shelves reflects are skyrocketing demands placed on the stores and their storage spaces. This situation can be amended with creative approaches and flexible storage solutions. And the good news is that these solutions are ready and available, and they can be adopted to operations immediately.

Use refrigerated containers for additional cold storage space. By placing refrigerated containers on ConFoot container legs the containers are at loading bay height for easy access. Temperature can be set as needed for products stored.

Regular containers can be used to store dry goods, toilet paper etc. By placing the containers on ConFoot container legs the containers are not touching the ground, and are safe from condensation of water.

Available space at the loading bay may be limited. What stores do have available is parking space. Cordon off the needed area for containers on ConFoot legs.
These can be moved either to the loading bay or other required location, only one person needed for operation.

Container at loading bay storage use

Contact your local container dealer, and contact either ConFoot directly or our local representative for ConFoot container legs.

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