Reverse the truck under the container

Instructions to reverse the truck and or chassis under the container


Great care must be taken when reversing a chassis under a mounted container, the chassis must not come into contact with any of the CF-legs.


Ensure that the truck and chassis are straight and positioned correctly before reversing.


Container is standing on the CF legs (note: 150 mm free space between the leg and corner casting per side)

  1. Place the truck (chassis) so that it is on parallel line with the corner castings. Prior to approaching the container, lower the vehicle and chassis suspension to its lowest position.
  2. The chassis should be reversed lengthways in a straight line under the mounted container, until the chassis twist locks line up with the relevant corner castings. The truck and chassis must not come into contact with the CF-legs.
  3. Once in place, raise the truck and/or chassis suspension to its highest position. Remove the CF legs. Secure the container to the chassis with the twist locks for transport. The truck and chassis can now be driven away, exercising due caution.