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An easy, cost-effective and userfriendly way to enhance shipping container logistics!

With ConFoot shipping container legs a container can be unloaded from or onto a trailer by just one person.

Shipping container

ConFoot -leg®

  • Total weight under 25 kg per unit 
  • Nominal height 1043 - 1448 mm
  • Maximum gross weight of container 34 000 kg with CF-set, 30 000 kg with CFP and CFL-set
  • 700 mm space between the feet keeps the container steady lengthwise
  • The product is patented
  • Designed and tested in Finland 
  • Most cost-effective and user-friendly container support devices 


How to save time and money with ConFoot legs

Watch the ConFoot animation, and learn how you can save time and money.

ConFoot CFP legs can be used to place a shipping container at a loading bay. This allows the truck driver to complete more deliveries in one day. Also, the warehouse manager does not need to pay the driver to wait, nor waste money on costly container handling equipment rentals.

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How it is used

The container arrives on a trailer with air suspension. When the container is unloaded from the trailer

  1. The trailer is lifted to the highest position with its air suspension
  2. The container locks are loosened
  3. The ConFoot-legs are positioned into the container lock holes in the four corners of the container
  4. The trailer is lowered into the driving position
  5. The trailer is driven away from under the container, which is now suspended on the ConFoot-legs

When the container is picked up, the above-mentioned actions are performed in a reverse order.


Introducing CFP-legs for loading docks

Watch the new video of CFP-legs and how to use them!

With all ConFoot-legs it is possible to load or unload the container with a forklift. The maximum weight limit for CF models is 34 000 kg and with CFP and CFL models 30 000 kg.

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