Solution for logistics service buyers

Case: trader needs to use a container twice a week = 100 times / year for transporting their goods for customers.

But are they paying 100 times too much?

If you are a CEO think of this: your company has container logistics needs, and everything is running quite smoothly. Your Logistics Manager will tell you everything is under control. You pay your transport company for container handling and they take care of everything.


What if you’re paying 10 times too much per year? You may even pay 100 times too much. Do you want to divide or multiply your costs?

Have a look at these figures.

* Transport cost, chassis and sideloader prices are country specific case material

So you can use different types of shipping container handling equipments, but do you want to pay extra when you can do it way more simplier.

Have a look how you can load/unload a container at a loading bay and if you need an extra storage space: what can be stored in shipping containers?

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