User Groups

Industry and trade

  • The container is left on the un/loading site on the ConFoot-legs
  • No need to leave a chassis under the container
  • The containers can be un/loaded in sequence
  • The containers can be un/loaded with a flexible schedule
  • No need to use expensive equipment like side loaders

Transport companies

  • Leaving and picking up containers can be performed at any moment and without outside help.
  • Side loaders are replaced by a standard truck and chassis
  • Less dependent on other (hired) operators like reserving a forklift, loader, etc.


  • When handling containers in harbours, these containers can be left standing on ConFoot-legs at loading height.
  • Possibilities to expand the harbours’ container traffic without high investments

Swap body users

  • Investments in (more) swap bodies are unnecessary
  • Interval loading and unloading is eliminated
  • Transportation equipment is simplified and becomes more cost efficient
  • Sea containers that are unsuitable for sea use can be used as storage /swap bodies

Logistics centres

  • Container traffic can be handled without expensive un/loading equipment
  • Not dependant on others anymore; The driver can pick up the containers any time, they are always ready for pick up.

Forwarding companies

  • The ConFoot-leg gives forwarding companies new possibilities to organize transportation chains.

Armed forces

  • For the most part stock can be transferred into sea containers
  • Different actions can be moved into containers like hospitals, management centres, repair shops, etc.
  • Offering cost efficient transportation options for the army’s specialized transportation equipment
  • Transport companies equipment can be used for moving containers
  • More flexibility because the equipment is always available for use