Christmas and other seasonal festivities see a sharp increase in the demand for a particular type of products, while the demand for the normal product range stays the same.
Seasonal peaks in demand strain the available storage resources, and can have a negative impact on sales should one or other range of products run out, driving the buyers elsewhere.

Reefer containers are the ideal solution for increasing storage capacity when and where it is needed the most, without sacrificing any storage space required for the standard offering fulfilling the everyday needs of consumers.

With temperature range from -35°C to 30°C maintained with controlled airflow, all products can have the ideal storage conditions. Clip on a generator and you can have fully functioning cold or warm storage space in pop-up locations where infrastructure required for operations may otherwise be minimal or non-existent.

When using ConFoot container legs with reefer containers mobility and ease-of-use are increased exponentially. As only one person is required for operation costs are kept at a minimum, and the reefers can be moved from point-of-sale to another several times a day if needed.

For coordinated operations have several reefers on ConFoot legs in a central location in relation to your points-of-sale, and take the required reefers with demand relevant content to the designated points according to the rapidly changing stock demands.

Believe the experts.

It’s all better with ConFoot.