How ConFoot legs can be used with shipping containers

ConFoot shipping container uses

ConFoot possibilities round up #1

ConFoot legs are the most low cost and lightweight container handling solution on the market today. Their versatile nature allows them to provide companies opportunities to add efficiency and reduce costs in their day to day operations, across a plethora of industries. Every Thursday on our social media accounts we suggest ways in which the legs can be used. Read on for a roundup of the first six of many to come.

ConFoot reefer contianer

#001 Mobile refrigerator

Mounting a reefer (refrigerated) container on ConFoot legs can create a large commercial refrigerator, at a comparatively minimal cost. Perfect for supermarkets, restaurants and fresh produce distributors who have large quantities of temperature sensitive cargo. Mounted on legs, the 'refrigerator' is also mobile, and can easily be transported by truck from location to location as needed, no expensive container handling equipment needed. More info about the capabilities and benefits of reefer containers can be found in our article here.

#002 Secure stockroom

Investing in an onsite stockroom can be costly and impractical for retailers and manufacturers. Especially when a company is dealing with seasonal fluctuations in demand and activity, the constant overheads cost of a large indoor stock area is simply inefficient. Mounting a container on ConFoot legs outside a retailer or factory creates a temporary stock room, which can be moved as and when needed. For example, a car dealership could store winter tires in containers, keep the containers out of the way or offsite during the summer, and move the containers up to their loading bays during the colder months. Containers can also be well secured minimising the risk of theft.

Military shipping container

#003 Military supplies

Moving military personnel to where they are needed is an enormous logistical operation. Soldiers and support staff require large amounts of supplies and equipment. Since the Vietnam war, we have seen shipping containers being used as the primary method to transport these supplies. Containers prepacked with the necessary materials can be stood on ConFoot legs, ready to be transported at a moments notice. Also, militaries can hire private contractors to help with the transport; a container mounted on ConFoot legs can be picked up any truck with an air suspension capable chassis.

#004 International removals

Shipping containers are becoming increasingly popular for private persons and business to relocate their possessions and equipment abroad. This can be a logistical challenge for removals companies however as they will be sending containers to locations where they will not have any handling equipment such as a forklift or sideloader. Therefore the driver is forced to wait with the container as it is unloaded, with no possibility to stand or swap the container to another truck. A more detailed description of how ConFoot legs can benefit removals companies can be found here.

Shipping container home removals
container furniture storage

#005 Furniture storage

Self-storage facilities are used by many when downsizing or simply in an attempt to free up space in a home. They do have recurring monthly fees though, which can begin to add up if used over a lengthy period of time. In many cases, it is much more cost effective to invest in a container which can be kept onsite. Mounting it on ConFoot legs would allow it to be moved around and taken off-site. Capacity is also not an issue, as ConFoot legs are certified to support up to 30 tons and shipping containers offer plenty of space (see our container size guide here). When storing furniture in particular, it is worth taking steps to prevent condensation or 'container rain'. See our guide here on how to avoid it.

#006 Carrier swap

Not only can ConFoot legs allow a single driver to remove a shipping container from his truck chassis, a second truck can be reversed under the mounted container to subsequently pick the container up. This allows drivers to swap a container from truck to truck anywhere with stable ground. For example, should a removals company change to a subcontractor to complete a journey in another country, the container can be swapped at the border. Drivers now have much more flexibility with handling containers. They do not need to search for expensive, non-mobile, container handling equipment every time a change in carrier needs to be made.

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