ConFoot case study – Container loading bay use

Container loading bay use

In October 2017, the ConFoot team was invited to a construction site to see how one of our customers was putting ConFoot legs to use. The company in question was a group of electricians carrying out work on a newly built  line of loading bays in the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland.

confoot container construction

As the work they were carrying out was inside the loading bays, they required access to their construction materials at loading bay height. Originally this meant that every piece of material that they required (generally large spools of cable) had to be lifted up individually with a forklift.

And after the inefficient method of lifting the material to the loading bays, they were faced with another issue. The work site was a large development with many different contractors having site access. This meant that securing the materials both outside and inside the loading bays was imperative due to the risk of theft and damage.

Placing a container on a ConFoot CFP set turned out to be the perfect solution for them. The materials required for the job could now be held in a shipping container at the ideal height for easy access. The container could also be closed and well secured at night or on weekends.

Once attached to the loading bay, materials could be unloaded directly from the container as and when needed. When work was finished, the team could simply lock and secure the container doors.


man using confoot

The ConFoot legs could be easily installed by just one member of the team in a matter of minutes. They are also capable of supporting up to 30t, above and beyond their personal requirements.

We compiled a video of the site visit below.

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