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ConFoot press release 6th November 2018
ConFoot Press Release 6 November 2018


Equipment World 16th October:
How to combat the downsides of repurposed shipping containers

International Trade Magazine 13th November 2018:
ConFoot Ltd introduce new ConFoot CFW set

Fruchthandel Online 9th November 2018:
Intermodal: Finnisches Unternehmen entwickelt standortunabhängiges Container-Wiegesystem

Weighing Review 9th November 2018:
New ConFoot Product Is A Portable Solution For SOLAS Provision

WorldCargoNews 8th November 2018:
ConFoot adds VGM scales

Logistics Business 7th November 2018:
New ConFoot Product Aims For Effective SOLAS Provision

Logistics Business 10th October 2018:
Container Leg Innovator on Show at Intermodal Europe

Good News from Finland 9th October 2018:
ConFoot gives container handling new legs

Logistics Business 29th August 2018 :
"Finlands ConFoot looking European distributors"

The interview of our Account Manager Sami Seppänen in Project Cargo -weekly:
Project Cargo - ConFoot

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