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We have rounded up the most commonly asked questions about ConFoot products and how they can be used with a shipping container. 

What are ConFoot legs?

ConFoot legs are a set of four metal struts which can be used to remove, stand and replace a shipping container on to/off of a truck chassis.

How heavy are they?

ConFoot legs only weigh 24kg each, allowing them to be easily carried and installed by one person alone

How much do they cost?

A set of four legs costs a mere fraction of the cost of other forms of shipping container handling equipment. Contact us today for a quote.

How much weight can they hold?

The set of four legs are certified to hold up to 30 tonnes. That maximum weight includes the weight of the shipping container and its contents.

How do they work?

The container is raised by the air suspension chassis on a truck. At this point the ConFoot legs are fitted to the shipping container's corner casting. When the chassis is then lowered, the legs will come into contact with the ground, shifting the weight of the container onto the legs. The truck can then drive away with its chassis and the container will be left free standing. The same process in reverse is used to load a shipping container back onto the chassis. See the process in our video.

What type of chassis do I need?

For ConFoot legs to function, they must be used in tandem with a truck chassis with functioning air suspension. The chassis must also be able to lower to the point where the corner casting of the loaded shipping container is between 1043 – 1448 mm above the ground. The vast majority of air suspension chassis can do this, but there are a few exceptions.

Who could use ConFoot products?

ConFoot legs are extremely versatile and are helpful in a range of different industries. See some examples on our 'User Groups' page.

Do they require electricity or air pressure?

No, not at all. The movement required to shift the weight of the shipping container from the chassis to the ConFoot legs and vice-versa is performed by the air suspension system of the truck chassis.

How long can a shipping container be left on ConFoot legs?

As long as needs be, perfect for long term and short term shipping container storage alike.

How many people are required to operate the legs?

Only one.

Can they lower a container to the ground / pick it up from the ground?

No, the shipping container's elevation from the ground cannot be changed when it is mounted on ConFoot legs.

Do they take up much space?

No, ConFoot legs can be folded into a carry position, making them particularly easy to move around and store/transport.

How long is the process of using ConFoot legs?

Just a matter of minutes. Inserting and securing the legs is a very simple process. The general procedure can be seen in our video

Can a container on ConFoot legs be placed against a loading bay?

Absolutely. The CFP model is even custom designed to be compatible with loading bay use. Learn more about it here. As the shipping container is constantly elevated when on the legs, it is at an ideal height to be unloaded/loaded at a loading bay, and is ready for a new chassis to be reversed under it whenever needed.

What type of shipping containers can it hold?

From standard 20 footers shipping containers to tank containers, ConFoot legs can support all shipping containers with standard ISO corner casting. To see which of our product range would be best for different container sizes/types, click here.

Do they have a CE mark?

Not currently. In order to begin the process of receiving a CE mark, applications for products must be made under certain categories. As ConFoot legs are a new & innovative product, they have no comparable equivalents on the market. Thus, there is also no category under which it could currently receive a CE marking.

Are they safe?

Yes. Use of ConFoot products following the mandatory guidelines, presented in the instruction manual, is entirely safe. They were developed above and beyond the requirements which would have been obligatory for a CE marking. Following the safety regulations prescribed in the European 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive, throughout the R&D and the production process, ConFoot legs were tested with a safety margin of 2.0 as opposed to the required 1.6. Extensive strength calculations and practical tests were carried out.

How often do I need to perform maintenance on them?

As they do not have a CE marking, the standard triennial maintenance inspections are not obligatory. Should one of your ConFoot legs seem defective, or in need of maintenance, please contact us and we will direct you to the nearest possible inspector.

Can I get them delivered?

ConFoot legs can be delivered straight to you on a price per pallet basis. Each pallet can hold up to three sets of ConFoot legs (12 pcs). Contact us here for a delivery quote to your location. You can also arrange to pick up the legs yourself from our warehouses in Warsaw and Helsinki.

What are they made from?

ConFoot legs are made from a custom blend of high strength, Finnish steels.

Where are they made?

Although ConFoot Oy's head office is located in Finland, the legs are manufactured in neighbouring Estonia.

Can they be customized?

In certain cases, it has been possible to modify ConFoot legs as per a customer's request. However, modifications are decided upon on a case per case basis. If you would like to make an inquiry, please contact us here.

Where can I purchase ConFoot legs?

Please send us an inquiry via our contact page if you would like to purchase ConFoot products directly from us. We also have local distributors in Australia, Estonia, France, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the UK. Find the full list here.

Where did the idea come from?

Click here for a run down of where the ConFoot concept originates from.

Can I become a ConFoot distributor?

We are open to finding distributors in different locations across the world. Please contact us to get further information about our standard distributor agreement.

Do you have any other products coming out in the future?

Yes! We have exciting new innovations in the pipeline. Please sign up here to our periodic email newsletter to be the first to know.

Where can I see ConFoot in person?

The ConFoot team presents the products in a number of different trade shows and conventions, primarily the annual Intermodal Europe trade show. Please sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date about when are where the legs will be exhibited next.

Who can I contact for more information?

Either Ben or Taru will be happy to answer your queries. Please click here for their contact information.

What is the maximum windspeed that ConFoot legs can be used in?

ConFoot sets have been tested with up to a maximum wind speed of 20 m/s, or 72 km/h.

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