ConFoot container supports

container supports

Finnish designed container supports

The CF set is ConFoot's original set of four high strength steel legs which act as container supports. Designed in Finland, during a research and development period spanning over a decade, the CF set has made container handling a possibility to companies on a significantly smaller budget. 

ConFoot legs are a relatively new innovation in the Intermodal industry, but they have already been making an impact for companies across Europe, Australia and more. 

High strength steel

The custom blend of over 6 Finnish steels allows legs to support up to an incredible 34 tonnes. This maximum weight has been tested with extensive stress tests, utilizing a safety margin of 2.0 (as opposed to the industry standard of 1.6). The legs conform to the European 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive safety regulations.

Lightweight units

Each of the four CF container supports weighs under 25 kg. This means that they can easily be installed a operated by a single user alone (often the truck driver). The installation process also only takes a few minutes. They are also able to be folded into a compact transport position, for more convenient carrying and storage.

container support legs

Low purchase cost

The CF set holds a mere fraction of the cost of other container handling equipment. Side-loaders, static cranes and container forklifts require a significant budget to rent, let alone buy. The low price of the CF set removes the monopoly on container handling from only the largest of companies and reduces the high cost of rental fees for smaller businesses. Contact us here for a quote.

How they work

container supports

The installation process shown above is very simple and only requires a few minutes to carry out. The only stipulations are that the chassis used to unload the container onto the legs is equipped with air suspension (the connection point with the corner casting of each leg can be adjusted between 1043-1448 mm). The load should not exceed 30t and the set should be used on level, stable ground.

Types of containers they can be used for

Any container weighing under 30 tonnes with standard ISO corner casting can be mounted on ConFoot legs. Be it a reefer or a tank container, no problem.

reefer and tank container supports

See them in action

How to purchase

If you are interested in purchasing ConFoot products for your business, please contact us here for a quote. We will be happy to provide you a quote for direct shipment to your location as well. If you need any further information about the CF set, please don't hesitate to get in contact.