ConFoot 2019: a strong year for strong products

The New CF leg

In the summer of 2019 ConFoot released the much-requested upgrade to the standard CF leg model. With maximum capacity of 34 tons instead of the previous 30 tons, the new CF leg has found great interest among tank container operators, as well as extending the operational range of other users.

Trade shows

Trade shows have traditionally been the best way to introduce ConFoot products to customers in various user groups. This year we took part in SIL Barcelona, MöLo in Essen and Intermodal Europe which was held in Hamburg. Intermodal was especially successful with new distributors found and significant sales made, and we are sure to be present again when the show returns to Rotterdam for the 2020 exhibition.

Expanding markets

Relying on the air-suspension system for full range of use, ConFoot products have had Europe as the natural main market area as this system is very much the standard here.
With other areas slowly following suit in adopting this superior suspension system, expanding markets are just around the corner.
Even now the unique ConFoot products generate plenty of interest around the world, and 2019 has included buyers from Russia to the Caribbean.

Rental model

 ConFoot distributors have reported throughout the year an increased interest in the rental of ConFoot container legs. Clients have varied short and long term needs, and in swiftly changing situations require the legs to be available at once. In order to meet the needs of the clients – and maximize profits – the dealers and distributors should have at all times a generous stock of ConFoot products at the ready. One company ordered a dozen sets in addition to sets purchased earlier just to be able to meet the growing rental demand.

The year ahead

 As 2019 is drawing to a close, we wish to thank all our customers, distributors, and cooperating companies and individuals for another successful year! With ever-expanding user base in industries both old and new, upgraded products incorporated with operational models better able to help our clients excel in their business, we are sure to make 2020 another success!

Very Happy Holidays To One And All!