ConFoot 2018: the best year ever

Growth in several key areas was the theme of 2018 for ConFoot.
From a good start to the year, the pace was kept up throughout all four quarters.
Below you’ll find some highlights from along the way.

Record sales

2018 saw the highest sales for ConFoot products ever, and the double-digit growth is expected to continue on 2019.
We experienced plenty of new interest from a very varied field of industries, with agriculture and sustainable energy solutions especially picking up.
Manufacturers have adopted ConFoot legs as core elements in their operations, and the reason can be found in this very telling testimonial–68


Great distributors are at the heart of ConFoot’s continuing success, and our existing network has come through once again in ensuring that 2018 was the best year so far for ConFoot.
In 2018 we made several additions to our distributor network, with the latest being Ebona d.o.o. with representation in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, and Suomen Vuokrakontti Oy with representation in Finland.
We thank them and all the others for their hard work in 2018, and are very much looking forward to collaboration and shared success in 2019!

The new ConFoot CFW prototype at Intermodal Europe

Intermodal Europe is the main trade show every year for ConFoot.

This year the event was held in Rotterdam, and we had the pleasure of meeting many old  acquaintances, collaborators and clients, as well as meeting for the first time plenty of representatives from a number of companies from all over the globe.

This year we had the added pleasure of presenting for the first time the prototype of the ConFoot CFW weighing leg, which will provide a cost-efficient, portable solution to the updated SOLAS requirements.
Both the reception and the feedback for the prototype were great, and we’re looking forward to bringing ConFoot CFW to market in the latter half of 2019.

With steadily increasing sales, growing distributor network and expanding product portfolio, we all at ConFoot are ready to face 2019, confident that in a year’s time we can present our next ‘year in review’ report with the same headline as now: the best year ever.